Save Money on Your Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan

If you are looking to save money on your Medicare Part D or Prescription Drug Plan, we currently work with six companies and will help you find the cheapest Prescription Drug Plan available for you. Companies we work with include, but are not limited to, Humana, AARP-United HealthCare, First Health, Universal Health Care and Today’s Options CCRX. Simply call us at 1-888-544-SAVE and give us your prescriptions (including the drug, dosage and amount you take daily) and we’ll find the LOWEST RATE available for you!

You may not be able to sign up for some Prescription Drug Plans until November 15th, 2010, so contact us today and we’ll help you determine the best plan for you!

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Coventry Changes Part D Now Branded Under First Health Part D

Coventry First Health Part D PDPCoventry recently announced that their Part D Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) products are now branded under First Health®Part D. In the past, they were marketed under the AdvantraRX name, and agents appointed with Coventry, Mutual of Omaha, Bankers Life and others have sold this popular plan.  This decision was in response to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) mandate to all PDP carriers to consolidate Part D products and limit offerings.

First Health Part D products deliver the choices for coverage, cost-savings and peace of mind that matter most to our members.

  • Plans feature a broad formulary and provide coverage for both brand-name and generic medications.
  • Saving money comes FIRST with First Health Part D.
  • Low and affordable monthly plan premiums, low or no deductible plans and low coinsurance for many preferred medications.

If you would like information on this Coventry Part D plan, or would like for us to see if switching your plan can save you money on your prescriptions, simply call us at 910-228-8352 or fill out our Insurance Agency Contact Form. We will be working with First Health Part D, United HealthCare’s Part D, Today’s Options Part D, and Cigna’s Part D plans in 2011, and can also help with Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplements in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

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Preventive Care Services Available for Aetna Policy Holders

Aetna Free Preventative CareIf you currently have Aetna health insurance or were thinking about a policy with them, knowing what preventive services are available with NO COST to the insured can be a tremendous asset to you! Check out the list of Aetna’s free preventative services at their website.  
Due to health care reform changes currently in process, we believe most companies will also cover similar services.  Check your current company or call us at 910-228-8352 and we’ll see what preventative care services are coverage offered by health insurance companies we work with for you! 
We work with multiple companies, including Aetna, Cigna, United HealthCare, and Wellpath, in several states - simply fill out our Contact Form and we will shop health insurance rates for you! Or if you prefer, you can run insurance rates for free on our website!

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Half of Americans Don’t Have but Want Life Insurance: A Message from Phil Roesel

Owner/Operator of Phil Roesel had this to say about the amount of Americans that currently do not have a life insurance policy and how easy it is to request free insurance quotes with his available companies.

Life Insurance Marketing Research AssociationThe Life Insurance Marketing Research Association (LIMRA) recently announced that life insurance sales are at an all time low, and that only 44% of U.S. households have individual life insurance.  At first glance, I assumed that many of those customers probably just had life insurance at work, but after reading a little more, 30% of households have no life coverage at all.  In 2004, that number was only 22 percent, and has grown recently probably do to economic hardships in many families.
There are also over 11 million households in the U.S. with children under 18 that have no coverage at all.  In those households surveyed, 40% said they would have immediate problems meeting everyday expenses if the primary breadwinner died, and another 30% would have problems keeping up with expenses after a few months.  I have a feeling that the remaining 30% probably hasn’t seriously considered what would happen if a parent were to die, and the financial impact that unpaid medical expenses, funeral costs, the loss of an income, and difficulty working while still grieving the death of a loved one can cause.  I doubt most that believe insurance is unaffordable would be able to pick up the pieces and move along financially as if nothing ever happened.
The same study says that 24% of those family members with children under 18 want to talk to a fiancial professional about life insurance needs, and 25% plan to purchase life insurance in the next year. 
We work with over 40 insurance companies, which allows us to find you the best available product at the lowest price.  You can request free life insurance quotes on our website or contact us directly at 910-228-8352!  
You can also view Whole Life Insurance rates on our website, or call us for other quotes.

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Health Care Reform Changes Effective October 1, 2010

Previously we blogged on the health care reform changes set to take place on October 1, 2010 but with so many changes soon to be in effect, we thought a quick, easy-t0-read overview would be beneficial to our customers. The following are some of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act changes that are effective September 23, 2010 for new business plans with October 1, 2010 effective dates and later:  

  • Dependent coverage up to age 26
  • No lifetime benefit limits – based on dollar amounts
  • No cost-sharing obligations for preventive services (in-network)
  • Eliminate pre-existing condition exclusions for dependent children (under 19 years of age)

But what if you bought your plan before September 23, 2010? Grandfathered Health Plans are required to meet some, but not all, of the insurance reforms contained in the PPACA. A “Grandfathered Health Plan” is defined as a group health plan or health insurance coverage in which an individual was enrolled on or before March 23, 2010.
If a member’s plan is Grandfathered, the member does not need to take any action.  Here are some of the things that will be included with Grandfathered Plans.

  • Eliminating lifetime limits on “essential benefits” as defined under the law
  • Extending eligibility for dependents up to age 26 if covered under their family plan
  • Providing members with a rebate if Aetna does not meet the minimum benefit ratio requirement that goes into effect in 2011
  • Limiting rescissions (policy cancellation) to cases of fraud or intentional misrepresentation

You can fill out our Contact Form to request free health insurance quotes from the companies we work with, including Aetna, Cigna, United HealthCare, and Wellpath, or call us directly at 910-228-8352!
You can also visit our website and shop health insurance prices on your own!

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Aetna Health Insurance in NC Experiences Rating Changes

Aetna Health Insurance RatesIn North Carolina, Aetna recently went to a single band age rating formula, meaning a 35-year-old and a 36-year-old would have different rates.  In the past, and with several other health insurance companies, there is a 5 year age band, meaning everyone from ages 35-39 is grouped together with regards to pricing.  In comparison to the 1 year band, the 5 year rate band would typically have higher premiums for younger ages in the band, and lower pricing in the older ages. 

With this change, Aetna has also changed to a different rating system for those with pre-existing conditions.  Previously, it seemed as though everything like high blood pressure, overweight, and other health conditions were always rated up 25%.  Now Aetna has gone to a system that allows them to rate up anywhere from 10% to 100% based on the health condition.

But what does all of this mean to you?  Each situation is different, but it might be a great time to re-evaluate your current health insurance benefits, and give us a chance to shop around rates for you with the many health insurance companies we work with.  With new age banding and health rate-ups, you might be able to save a lot of money annually on health insurance.  Remember, quotes are free and quick!

Feel free to find your individual Aetna, Cigna, and United HealthCare health insurance quotes on our website or call us at 910-228-8352 and we’ll do the work for you! You can also fill out our Health Insurance Quote Request Form and we will contact you within 24 hours.

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John Hancock Long Term Care Premiums to Increase 40% as LTC Claims Increase

The good news is that we are living a lot longer, but as we age, the expenses of not being able to take care of ourselves increases dramatically.  John Hancock is now dealing with having to pay out $1.5 million in benefits daily for those with their Long Term Care (LTC) coverage.

John Hancock currently has 47,000 customers that have incurred claims of over $3 billion total.  This would be roughly $64,000 in claims per customer that has filed so far.  They have over 1.2 million customers covered under individual, group, and the federal program.

To cope with these staggering claims, John Hancock will be raising premiums for existing customers 40% for their Long Term Care policies, and will suspend sales for their group policies.  This comes after increasing their federal long term care group premiums last year by 25%.  Realizing this increase in premiums could be unaffordable for many customers, they are offering other options such as a reduction of benefits to help customers keep their premiums the same (or level).  In addition they will also be reducing daily benefit amounts, payout periods, and inflation riders to keep customers premiums, and the companies’ risk exposure, down to a level that is manageable. 

Long Term Care Costs ChartThe average annual cost of Long Term Care insurance in 2007 was $2,207, however based on the customer’s age, the premiums can vary quite a bit.  In the 70 and older bracket, this could lead to premiums in the $4,200 range, being an average increase of $100 a month.

There’s a lot more to the story though.  Currently, 40% of those requiring Long Term Care services are 18-64 years old, and it’s estimated that 70% of those over 65 will require some form of Long Term Care in their lifetime. 

Regarding John Hancock specifically, since 2006 when their last thorough audit was conducted, they have experienced double the total amount claims, and in the 80 and older block of business, claims have quadrupled.  The severity and duration of claims now versus in 2006 are a lot higher as well.

This brings up two different extremely important situations.  If you are in the market to purchase Long Term Care insurance, and you see that one company just increased their rates, how long is it until the other companies might follow suit? 

The Team has multiple companies that offer full benefits, long payouts, and inflation riders, and some that offer limited benefits without inflation riders.  Owner/Operator Phil Roesel believes that some of the simpler policies, that have payouts maxed at a year instead of lifetime and daily defined limits without inflation riders, should be able to more accurately predict their claims experience. It is with that understanding that we can predict their premiums should stay more level than a plan with all of the “bells and whistles”.  

We primarily use Genworth and Mutual of Omaha for our comprehensive Long Term Care insurance providers, and have companies like Equitable that offers simpler plans if that would better suit your needs. Fill out our Contact Form for free quotes on Long Term Care, or call Phil Roesel directly at 910-228-8352 today!

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Homeowners Insurance Companies that Insure Coastal and Rental Properties

Axis InsuranceThe Team works with over ten homeowners insurance companies in North Carolina and has recently added Axis to that list. Although we sell homeowners insurance throughout the state, we are based out of Wilmington, NC and come in contact with several companies that don’t accept coastal properties or rental homes, which there are several of both here in New Hanover County. Fortunately for our clients, Axis insures both coastal and tenant properties!

Call us at 910-228-8352 or visit our website to request a free homeowners insurance quote, and we will run quotes with all of our companies for you to find you the best price!

Homeowners’ insurance policies currently carried by include Allstate, Geovera Specialty, Appalachian Underwriters, Lloyds of London, Travelers, the NCJUA and more.

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Estimate Your Payment Before You Go to the Doctor with Aetna

Aetna Health Insurance in NCPreviously, we blogged on Aetna’s mobile web tool that allows people with Aetna plans to easily access their member information from their Smartphones. Now Aetna is adding even more tools to ensure those with Aetna coverage are even more than satisfied with their coverage. Now if you need you need to go to the doctor, Aetna has a payment estimator available so you can be prepared for the amount of your payment. To check out the other helpful tools they have available, check out this Aetna Health Insurance video!

You can get your own free Aetna health insurance quote on our website (click on “Aetna”) or call us at 910-228-8352 and we’ll do the work for you!

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Aetna Mobile Web Tools Help Members in Multiple Ways

Aetna iPhone AppAetna members can now easily access a lot of information online through Aetna’s new mobile web tool. The tool is free and members can accessed the information by going to on their mobile web browser. There is also an iPhone App available for free as well. 

Members can access Aetna’s most popular online resources anytime from just about anywhere. From the doctor’s office or while traveling, members can: 

  • Find a participating doctor, dentist or facility
  • Look up a claim
  • Access your Personal Health Record
  • Research the price of a prescription
  • Pull up your Aetna Member ID Card

If you would like more information or Aetna health insurance quotes, you can fill out our Free Insurance Quote Request Form or call us at 910-228-8352 for free quotes! Or you can view health insurance rates for multiple companies (including Aetna, United HealthCare, Cigna and Wellpath) online at our website!

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