Medicare Plans

Feeling overwhelmed with all of the choices out there? Has your premium recently gone up, and are you ready to look for a lower cost alternative? Not sure where to begin and what plan will work best for you?

We have been working in the Medicare market since 1999. Trying to decide if you want a Medicare SupplementsMedicare Advantage, or Part D can be a difficult decision because of all of the choices available. We can help you decide which type of program will work best for you, and then price shop to find the best rate available. We are constantly looking for the best rates out there and can almost always SAVE YOU MONEY!

Currently we carry Mutual of Omaha, United Commercial Travelers, Gerber, Conseco, Equitable, Family Life, and AARP but those are subject to change as new rates become available.

Compare these low Medicare supplement prices in North Carolina below!!

Don’t think these are the lowest in the state? Check the NC Department of Insurance‘s web site to see for yourself!

If you are looking for Medicare Advantage or Part D, we carry Cigna, Today’s Options, and Advantra. Rates depend on your residence county, so simply let us know where you live, and we’ll be glad to help you out with the best plan in your area. You can even shop for Cigna and enroll online via our website or call 910-228-8352!

For Medigap plans, check out the North Carolina SHIIP Comparison Guide.

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