Save Money on Your Medicare Supplement with Limited Underwriting until January 1st!

AARP Medicare Plans in NCIf you’ve been wanting to lower your Medicare Supplement premiums in North Carolina, but have several health conditions, now is the time to make that change.  Plans starting effective November 1st or December 1st 2010 with AARP will have very limited underwriting, which is almost like having an Open Enrollment Period all over again.  This is a great way to lock into a Plan F that has community age rating, not attained age rating.  Community ratings over the years have gone up in smaller percentages since they aren’t based on age. 
To qualify right now, you only need to not have kidney failure and not have any surgeries recommended but not completed.  This will change significantly starting January 1st, 2011. Owner Philip Roesel actually just wrote a customer last week that had a fairly serious health condition, and was able to qualify him at only $165 a month.  If he were to have waited until January 1st, 2010, the customer would qualify under their Group 3 rating at $290 a month. Thankfully, he is now locked into the lower rate class!
Fill out our contact form to see if you can save money on your Medicare Supplement or call us today at 888-544-SAVE!

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